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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Suna Reviews Television Shows

What does the woman of forced leisure with no funds available for fun do? She listens to music, she walks the pug, she knits until her hands hurt, and she watches television. Since many of you have lives, I thought I'd let you know what I have found out about daytime television in the last month and a half.

As Usual, Suna Detours

First, a detour into nighttime television. We don't watch a lot of network shows, but we do love to watch television on Tuesday evenings. First we enjoy Bones (when it's on and not scary shows about people with or without some talent), and then our favorite, House. After that we watch Boston Legal. It's my most guilty pleasure--but I find it totally hilarious to see all these dudes from various incarnations of Star Trek playing totally messed up lawyers. So one day a week, I succumb to the lure of television. Last night we forewent (hee hee) a trip to Home Depot just to watch House.

And yesterday, House really impressed me. The writing is always pretty good, even when the characters turn into parodies of themselves. But the writers actually get you thinking about serious topics occasionally, right in the middle of the totally messed up doctor action. Last night, they tackled religion in a way that was refreshing. People expressed their opinions of the Lubovitch Judaism movement, religion in general, and religious people, but the characters who were religious were not parodies--they seemed sincere and to get a lot from their beliefs--enough to impress some of the other people on the show. Now, since I have a lot of baggage on the topic of evangelical Judaism and extreme orthodoxy in any religion, I was pretty impressed that they were able to convey the positive aspects of the Lubovitchers even to me. So, kudos to the people who write that show.

(Mostly in the evenings we don't watch television or watch HGTV or some dang educational thing Beccano wants to see. He's big on History Channel, National Geographic and Discovery HD).

Daytime TV Opinionism by Me

Mornings I listen to NPR until the show where the guy starts playing weird music comes on. As soon as he gets on one of his overly "eklectic" themes (that's an Austin radio jab), I leave the office.

Often I start with the lovely Ellen Degeneres. I like that she comes across as a fairly "regular" person and always seems like she's in a good mood. And her dancing is so natural. Lately she has been investigating funny television products. The one that had me about to bust a gut, all by myself other than the pug was the Tiddy Bear, a product consisting of a small toy teddy bear with a strap and fastener on its back. You attach the precious li'l fellow to your seat belt wherever it bugs you and you have a wonderful driving experience. Well, you can just imagine one of the places ole Tiddy can end up. And he looks like he's hugging it, too. Of course, on the commercial, only the MAN driver puts the bear on his chest. But, it looks plenty dorky. And with Ellen running around yelling "Tiddy Bear" over and over, I about lost it. She threw one to every member of her audience, too. So, in general, Ellen amuses me.

Next I enjoy the View. I didn't think I would, but I do. If they'd just take that insipid football wife who is the conservative young one, it would be great (however, she DOES breastfeed, so she has good features). Of course, they need fodder for their arguments. I do like how they put Whoopi really far from that lady. What has surprised me is how much I enjoy listening to the three older women on the show. Even Baba Wawa. They are smart, funny and interesting people. Whoopi and Joy seem really honest and will admit to mistakes. That is refreshing. Some of the guests are pretty snoozy, but that's OK--I have a lot of blogging to do.

After that, if I have not found something useful to do like clean something or go to the bank, I'll watch local news. They are pretty dorky, but it's nice to see people talk rather than just read the things online. News digression: Last night on election coverage, Katie Couric called the man running for Democratic candidate "Barama." Sounds like a fun band name.

For the hours when soap operas are on network television, I will watch HGTV, though there are a lot of reruns. So, well, hell, no one else is home but ME so well, I do it. I watch all the jewelry shows on the shopping networks. Yesterday it was aquamarines and pearls. MMMM. If there is stupid stuff I would never buy on, I have discovered the Nirvana of Suna viewing pleasure: Jewelry Television. All jewels all the time. I haven't bought anything since last year's job issues started, but I can look. I just like shiny sparkling things. If only there were a Yarn Channel.

If I am not busy in the afternoon I enjoy an entire hour of Jeopardy. That's a winner. Sometimes I feel smart; sometimes I feel stupid. Then more news. If STILL not distracted by family, cooking or something useful like that, I will "enjoy" Wheel of Fortune. I like words.

The good news is that I don't think I have ever watched a whole day of this soporific blend of entertainment options. There's plenty to do around the house, or I can take a walk or go to the yarn shop and see real human beings. Please, come and get me if you find out I am sitting in my bathrobe watching television for an entire day. That just isn't good for me.

So if you are ever sick or at home, consider enjoying Ellen and the View. They are OK. Honest.

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Des said...

I have developed a habit of watching reruns Seventh Heaven on the Hallmark channel. I tell myself it's ok because I start out by dumping a load of laundry or two on the bed and crawling up there to fold it - but often I end up crawling into the warm clothes and mindlessly watching. I think it's the depression. I've told Dennis that if I leave it on and he catches me watching Little House of the Prairie he should do an intervention!
eagerly awaiting the new season of Big Love and The Tudors.