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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

American Fun/Job Seeking

I am enjoying watching election results for "Super Tuesday," but I sure think we have a weird system. Wouldn't it be fun for all Americans to get to vote and have it count, both in primaries and the general election? Wow, that would seem so...democratic. Like in democracy.

I'm thinking maybe if I can't get a job I will try to figure out something to do that will work toward turning the US back into a democracy. Good luck, me.

I am glad that at least the people running on one side are listening to what people's actual concerns are and will try to address them if elected. I know it won't be easy. Both major parties are really controlled by lobbyists for rich corporations, and that includes drug manufacturers and insurance companies--health care reform will be hard to achieve. And defense contractor lobbyists are also very rich--it will be hard to transition to a less war-mongering system. And on and on.

Job Crap

There isn't enough job news for a separate job seeker blog entry. I have applied to a few jobs in the past couple of days, one of which seemed pretty up my alley. I also wrote the HR director at a new local hospital and suggested I'd be good to administer their training programs. Why not. I got her email address from a knitting friend (thank you, if you read this blog in addition to my knitting one), so maybe it will do some good to just write the lady. I am very good at community education, with all my work with that Dysfunctional Nonprofit, so I might be someone they could use.

Then there are the dog sweaters. This dog rescue place in money-filled California is interested in having me knit up luxury dog sweaters. I guess, if it pays well enough, I could do some of that. I keep telling them that it will take a while to knit these things. So, we will see--they are sending me a sample of what they want, so I will be able to figure out if this is remotely feasible. Hey, it would be a knitting career, right? Not all bad!

Off to put on my mardi gras beads. I made jambalaya last night. I am an equal opportunity holiday celebrator!


Saranda said...

I am stunned that you are still jobless. What is wrong with these firms? Here we have an incredibly intelligent and talented woman with *** people skills ***! You should be snapped up - fought over even. It must be the economy. :(

I will continue to send you vibes and light candles.

I bought a King Cake. I hope no one gets hurt.

Suna said...

Yeah, I can't suck THAT bad.