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Monday, February 18, 2008

Not much to blog about

Just a lot of miscellaneous stuff is going on. Got more new platys and mollies, now have baby fish swimming in the tank. Lee's niece and friend came for lunch yesterday, which was nice--he had wanted to show her the house. Tuba Boy works a lot. Beccano and Lee have been doing chores and having fun taking apart electronic equipment. I've been thinking a lot about my "business" and am happy to report I have another chance at an ALE contract.

Lenten Weekend Vent: The darned HEB pharmacy. Jeff always had trouble with them. The last few times I've tried to use them they have been troublesome. This time, they told me they could not fill my prescription for my anxiety meds because they didn't come in the strength prescribed. Said they would call when my Dr. sent in a right prescription. No call. I went in Sunday and they acted like they had never seen the prescription. Then finally someone came in and apologized. Oh, the person on Friday was wrong. Didn't realize I would be halving the pills. Grrr. Oh well, now I have a lot of meds, cause they thought I was taking one pill a time rather than a half. Good. Don't have to go back there soon.

Today's vent: That I have gotten three calls in the past week from recruiters wanting me to work that job in San Antonio. Look at a map people. Please. I feel bad--I could get work there.But it is more important to me to be there to see the kids. They are only kids once. And teen years are important. Crap.

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Des said...

Nothing quite like having someone mess with your anti-anziety meds to cause undue stress and anxiety!