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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thing I Think Is Funny

You may know that the only television shows I am a real devoted fan of are The/A Daily Show and Colbert Report.

Well, they have had a pretty funny running gag with Conan O'Brien, trying to prove who "made" that Huckabee dude* who is running for President, which culminated in a hysterically amusing (to me) brawl last night. See, who needs writers, just call up your other host friends and do a loony fight scene. Here it is, I think, if you want to see it.

*By the way, Huckabee always confuses me because we have neighbors who are the Huckabees, and they are really old Democrats, whose daughter lives two houses down from us and is married to the scary Sheriff who parks his car in our cul-de-sac and makes us feel safe.

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Saranda said...

That was so much fun! Thanks for posting it!