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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Job Seeker Blog #9/Tuesday Ventin'

Finally there's some job hunting action to report. Every day, it seems, I send out all kinds of job applications, and some of them have been quite complex, the State of Texas and the University of Texas, especially. So, let me tell you that I was quite surprised when my cell phone rang during my shower this afternoon (I showered after a lot of cleaning) and it was the University, calling to schedule an interview! I get to go in the building where the famous UT Tower is, so that will be fun, I think! The interview isn't until the 22nd, so I have plenty of time to figure out how to act enthusiastic about a job as documentation specialist in the accounting department!

But heck, that isn't all! Earlier in the day I got a call from a health services company, and did an initial phone screening for a training job. I got approved and passed on to the hiring manager, so I got through a step, anyway! This job sounds pretty good, a lot like what I was doing at the previous job, though it will require quite a bit of travel. I can stand it.

Such a relief to get some activity going again. Even though people are telling me that jobs are taking ages to get back to people, the silence was killing me.

A Little Pet News

I am very happy with Rose. Until today, she refused to walk on a leash. She'd first take off at a dead run, then get jerked by her collar, which then caused her to just lay down and tremble. Last weekend we got her a halter, after seeing that Scrunchy really walks better since he got his (I walked him for a half hour today without one jerk or other irritating doggie action). So today, I snapped her new pink leash on Rose's pink harness (after giving her a day or two to get used to it). At first she would not go outside. Then she tried to run back in. Then she lay down. Finally I got her to walk and at first she darted and ran, then, when I told her she was good every second she walked normally, she GOT IT. She was able to walk to the end of the cul-de-sac, then go halfway down the block. I got her to turn around and come back, and by then she looked pretty happy. She didn't try to run or stop walking. She was great! I am so proud of her, because I know she will have fun going outdoors, getting to see people and smell things. Plus she needs the exercise. I'll keep at it. Now, of course, Buddy is looking sad that I don't take him out, so I guess he will get a turn, too. That's a lot of poop bags, ugh.

Lenten Ventin'!

First, thanks for all the fan mail on these--they cheer me up, even when I am feeling venty!

Today's subject is those things that people put on their blogs that make little summaries pop up every time you go anywhere on a link or photo. Ah, I have discovered they are called SnapShots. Here is a blog with examples on it--go anywhere near anything with a hyperlink and BOOM a thing will jump up. I think I would like them a lot better if they waited a bit before popping up or if you could ask for them. As it is, they can really interrupt my reading or enjoyment of the layout of a site. I have to be really careful to not move my mouse anywhere near a hyperlink.

Perhaps I am just easily startled. Or maybe it's just my contrary desire for freedom of choice. If I want to see what's on a hyperlink, I'll click it. If I am not interested, I sorta resent being forced to look at it anyway. Granted, I should probably look at this service and see if there are settings that would make it more Suna-friendly. And give myself the satisfaction that someone isn't making money every time I click, and bloggers are just voluntarily handing money over to third parties. Wow, I have become Little Miss Suspicious of the Big Bad Internet lately.

Anyway, I just don't like those darn Snapshots, and tend to not stay very long on blogs that use them, unless they are from people I really like (and I do like the person in the blog I linked to, so I read it, even trying to decipher the Dutch).


nyjlm said...

Ooh ooh. Oooh! I know, I know- you can disable the snapshots! There is a little cog wheel looking thingy in the upper right corner. You can click it and choose disable, for all sites.

Suna said...

Thanks, Jennifer, you rock! And thanks for your kind words yesterday, too.

DianeS said...

Is *that* what those annoying things are. I can see how they could be handy, but I agree that I'd rather be asked if I want one.

What kind of a dog is Rose? I recognize that she looks like a breed, but not which breed. (I do better at identifying cat types, naturally.) She's definitely a pretty dog. Do the other dogs get along with her? (Did I ever tell you that DS was going to be Elizabeth Rose if he'd been the girl I was hoping for? It's one of my favorite names!)

Shannon said...

Good luck with the UT job! I bet you'll get it! I'll cross my fingers and toes for you.