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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lenten Ventin' Wednesday and Thursday

Lenten Vent for Wednesday: Why can't people who bring treats to the yarn store space them out better? We had so many DELICIOUS treats at the yarn shop yesterday that I am sure I gained two of the many pounds I have gained since my job ended. Hee hee. Actually, the home-made pecan caramel sticky rolls were totally divine. And it WAS nice of Starbucks to bring over all the muffins and scone packages that expired yesterday, so we could enjoy them.

Lenten Vent For Thursday: The totally crappy communication skills of the Texas Workforce Commission, who could not be bothered to tell me how much I would make on unemployment, how long it would last, or why they'd just cut me off this week. I was only allowed to earn $3,000 in the year starting last March, when I lost the PREVIOUS job. Oh well, let's all go eat dirt now. I hope they enjoyed the Valentine's gift of making me cry and cry. At least I can stop obsessively counting every email and phone call and job applied for, and just write them down to keep track for my own records. And at least I went to the doctor and got some nice, helpful medicine. Or will when she fixes her prescription that she wrote wrong. Sigh.

OK, other stuff. The dog Rose,* who is pictured here along with Lee's lap and is 100% mutt of the somewhat border collie somewhat lab somewhat shepherd variety, went on her first REAL walk today and was just great. Now I just hope she doesn't keep panicking every time I try to take her outside. And I am up for that position where I was before. We will see. The lady there didn't seem to like me when I worked there, but maybe she's just...shy.
*The dog in the earlier post this week, as we recall, was Shannon's dog, the Germanic rather than Nordic one. Shannon can tell us what breed he is.


Cheri said...

I am sending double the job vibes now.

nyjlm said...

I'm so sorry. That's just stinky.
hope the rx if fixed soon and that it will help you.

Dragonfly said...

Oh that totally sucks about the unemployment. I'm sending lots of good thoughts for the 22nd at UT.