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Monday, February 11, 2008

Lenten Ventin' Monday

Today's Picture: a Cute Li'l Doggie. A real break from kitties! This is Shannon's nordic dog Leif (nope, make that Lief, see comments). He looks a bit perturbed actually, which is good because so am I.

Lenten Vent: Grr. I am so tired of people who think that just because they are white and male they should automatically be obeyed and the world should bend to their desires. I had to watch the very nice African American dudes at the oil change place deal with one of those today. Thought he was SO special he should be allowed to jump in front of me in line. And SO special they should run extra diagnostics for him, on a car that failed the emissions test 6 times already because he'd modified the exhaust. What a jerk. I just don't get it how some people really DO feel like the world revolves around them.

PS: I am not thrilled that spell check still doesn't work on Blogger.


Shannon said...

Actually, it's Lief. 'Leif' is Norse and pronounced with a long 'a', while 'Lief' is German and pronounced with a long 'e' -- like 'lieb' -- love from whence it was derived. (Cuz he was a sad little wormy ball of love...)

And, yeah, angry white guys who would be king are pretty much at the top of my most hated things these days, too.

Suna said...

Wow, Shannon! Thanks! I have learned something I absolutely did not know about Lief vs. Leif and now I feel superior to others who do not know this. I learn so much on my own blog! :-)