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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Obligatory Christmas Report (tissue alert)

I hope you had a great Christmas, if that's one of your holidays, and that at least you had a good day off! I had a fine time, with good food and my wonderful family, who are the best gift of all!

I am toting one gift around, all sniffly and sentimental. Tuba Boy, who is usually incredibly "gift impaired" stepped up to the plate and did much better this year--I think he had peer pressure combined with knowing girls who give "suggestions." He had asked me for $20 to finish paying for a present a few weeks ago, and I gave it to him. Turns out that at school they had a fund-raiser selling some plaques that you could get inscribed with whatever you wanted on them, and he made me one. That's it on the left.

And here is what it says (tissues may be necessary):

To Mom

So many times the appreciation I have for you goes unspoken.
I'd just like to take this time to thank you for all the encouragement, guidance, and understanding you have shown me throughout my years.
You've always been there when I needed you.

Love, [Tuba Boy]

That is something to treasure, isn't it? He sure has a big heart. And to see him opening his gifts with real appreciation in his eyes (even loved getting a watch, albeit a pretty cool one with a LIGHT and a COMPASS!) was wonderful. He even loved the hat I made for him and wore it all day--today I will reblock it a bit to make the top less pointy and then I think it will be a keeper. Sigh. No matter what happens to me, I feel rich just for having such wonderful young people in my life. Mrs. Tuba Boy is going to be SOOO lucky.

His brother earned his keep, too, by helping me cook dinner, since I had no other helper (Lee was not feeling too hot most of the day, having woken up WAY too early--perhaps anticipating Santa). Beccano was so cheerful about it and zestily cut up sweet potatoes and such. He wore his ninja boots (authentic!) and the Thor's Hammer necklace Lee got him all day. (Lee got me a celtic cross from Sacred Source, which was a nice surprise, too--the kids loved hearing how my friend's family works with the artisans in India to create the statues and other items). Here's Beccano, at last wearing the requested Lucha Libre mask that I knitted for him (in the book Son of Stitch 'n Bitch, which is also the source of Tuba Boy's hat, below). It really brings out his eyes, doesn't it?

Both boys got guitar straps as gifts, and here is Tuba Boy in his hat, rocking out standing up, which apparently is a big thrill to the almost-17-year-old set. He also loves his black t-shirt. I got him three black shirts and a jacket at Old Navy on Christmas Eve--for less than $50. He is so happy to have so much new blackness in his life, with long sleeves.
I think Lee had a great time, too. Said he'd never got so many gifts. Different families have different traditions! I always liked to get a bunch of little things in addition to a big thing--this year I just omitted the big thing. I'd say the biggest kick he got was from the "My Little Kthulu" action figure Beccano got for him (I am just glad it MADE IT here). The last photo in my extra festive collection shows Lee totally losing it when he discovered that Kthulu was in the box. If you go to Flickr, you will find photos of the dogs, of Lee wearing socks on his ears and much more holiday fun.

All in all, I had a great holiday, marred only by the BIG mistake of watching a movie labeled "Employee of the Month," not realizing it was not the light-hearted 2006 Jennifer Aniston movie, but instead the horrible, mean-spirited 2004 black comedy with Matt Dillon in it. I got nauseated and had to stop watching it. Luckily I felt better in time to eat the delicious dinner, and we did manage to find a more enjoyable movie to watch after dining. Whew.
My family liked all their hand knitted gifts, too, and I talked to Jeff and his mom in Florida. I know this is not the holiday either of them expected to be having, but both seem to be doing their best. We'll go see Lee's dad on Sunday, after Tina's wedding extravaganza is over. Something to look forward to!


Sam said...

What a lovely summary of your holiday celebrations! And what a wonderful gift of the plaque outlining the fantastic mothering qualities I know you to possess. You are so blessed with your family and you know that and honour that. I love the joy your family gives you.

yogidancereck said...

Ahhhh such a lovely holiday report I am so moved and happy for you, you deserve such blessings.

nyjlm said...

what a great note he wrote on the plaque for you.
The photo of Lee w/his gift is great.