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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Slow Day

It's been a slow day, but not a bad one. The person who was supposed to give me a ton of work isn't at work today, so not much to do but apply for jobs. I have done so with a vengeance, including a couple as an online community manager. I loved that part of my old job, so that would be great to do. I just hope there aren't thousands applying for each of these positions.

The boss took the department out to lunch today, though one was not able to come, "too busy," she said. Wah. Now I wish I had gone out last week when she took my friend who's already gone out to lunch--but that day I was just way too down. Anyway, we went to the Hyde Park Grill in the scenic part of Austin, where we people up on the northwest boonies never get to go (it's the restaurant famous for its sign that is a giant fork). I'd forgotten how good this place is--I stopped going to "good" restaurants while Jeff was around, and never got back to it since. Maybe when the "good" job manifests, I can start going fun places with Lee (who never wants to go in to Austin, but I miss places like Central Market and such). I really, really like to eat at upscale restaurants, and keep picking guys who don't like to do that--the XH and I did have some fun times with our fancy meals! I just love the ambiance and interesting combinations of flavors you don't get at barbecue spots and the ubiquitous generic Chinese/Vietnamese restaurants!

Our food was delicious but really copious. The new girl got a HUGE pork chop. I had meatloaf, with delicious homemade mashed potatoes and collards sauteed with bacon. The latter were delicious, but I believe have made me a bit sick to the stomach. I need to remember I have no gall bladder and can't do a lot of fat. Then we all had wonderful desserts. A peach cake/pudding and a chocolate brownie. Each of them was gigantic. We could not finish either, so will eat them tomorrow at lunch. Wow, if you go there, try one of those desserts!

As you can tell, I am still in a better mood. Doing what my tarot cards said and not letting stuff get to me. I am trying to assume the good things will happen, and stop the panic. I know it pleases Lee to see me happier, and I will be trying harder to do so, and maybe the bad downer feelings will abate for a while. Fingers crossed.

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