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Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday's Feast

Good--I need a light-hearted distraction.

Appetizer: What was the last game you purchased?
Guitar Hero, whatever the latest version is.

Soup: Name something in which you don’t believe.

Salad: If you could choose a celebrity to be your boss, who would you pick?
Geoffrey Nunberg. Hey, he's been on NPR and has published a book for the popular press, not just academic, so he is a celebrity. If he were my boss I'd be working in pragmatics and thinking about metaphors, in the field I trained in, and not doing whatever the hell I am doing now for a living.

Main Course: What was a lesson you had to learn the hard way?
That no matter how stable and loyal your partner appears, they can discard you for their soul mate. Lesson: find your soul mate.

Dessert: Describe your idea of the perfect relaxation room.
Medium sized room, preferably with thick walls, with large window overlooking trees and water. Walls covered in books and yarn. Music available. Comfy but not-too-big armchair with high-quality natural-light lamp on a table that holds drink and snack and current reading matter. Ottoman, preferably one with storage in it for current knitting needs. Couch for soul mate or children if they join you, with afghan for napping. A fireplace would be nice. Plants. One dog, size medium-small. Internet available if a question pops up that you won't relax again until you find out the answer. Yes, it is a crowded room.

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Stephanie said...

Hiya friend. I played Guitar Hero for the first time last weekend and it was a hoot. I am tempted to buy it for my little guy as his "big holiday gift" but I'm questioning who is the real recipient. Hmmm. Then I heard about Rock Band and got even more intrigued but not sure I want to chase the 3 over-priced copies in town. Hmmm again.