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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not an Awful Lot

It's a slow day since I decided to not camp out at the poor yarn shop again today. I've caught up on some things and will do more, waiting on 3:00 for my next interview (ALE). The highlight so far was finding faithful reader Katie's face beaming out of a famous knitting blog this morning. That was a good start to my day!

Yesterday was one long blur of events and such. I ate leftover beans and rice (Beccano's new favorite dish--he had four servings Tuesday night) for lunch, which caused a stomach ache--I think I won't eat the rest today, so the folks at ALE will be spared the consequences. I am SO considerate. And want that job. In any case, I got through the day, gave away the baby booties I had knitted (oops the kid is a boy and I made a pink pair), sang the dreadful Christmas pageant songs and really wished I was home. I did get the Norwegian Christmas bread recipe from the choir director. I wonder if you can make it in a bread machine?

I've wrapped all the gifts I could find to wrap, and will really enjoy watching everyone open them--some good thought went into them--Beccano did a GREAT job picking things! Only a couple of items are still on their way. Fingers are crossed! It will be a small but nice holiday, and there's even something in there that I don't know what it is for me--yay for surprises!

No other excitement, other than another phone interview booked for tomorrow, and the poor lady who bought a new car at 99 had an accident yesterday. My dad helped her, but she broke her collarbone and is really afraid she won't be allowed to drive any more. That will be bad--I worry that will start a decline for her, since being active and independent was so important to her.


Lee said...

You can make anything in a bread machine. But I always liked having the machine make the dough and then baking it in the oven. It just tastes different that way. (Your bread machine is much better at the baking part than mine was.)

Sam said...

I am glad that you have a chance to open a gift that you will be surprised about. It is always nice to have that "ooo what is it?" feeling!
Have a FANTASTIC holiday with your loved ones.