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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Heal! Heal!

I had a really good weekend, which I will write about tomorrow when I feel better.

Right now, please send healing vibes to me, as I woke up this morning with pain all over the sinuses on my right side, including that horrible stabbing ear infection kind of pain in my right ear. Perhaps I got messed up from walking around in biting cold and really strong winds yesterday. Or I slept very hard on one side in an unfamiliar bed.

But, whatever caused it, I really need it to GO AWAY by tomorrow so I can be in good shape to make the best possible impression on my first job interview! They want someone who is really energetic and motivated, so I can't be sitting there groaning and wincing from ear pain. It's a bit better after taking pain meds, so I can just take a bunch tomorrow if I have to, I guess--but what a bummer to feel awful on such a nice day, which today was!

Another nice day is what's in the picture: a lovely gift that came to me in the mail, as a complete surprise! A member of one of my email lists sent it to me, just to be nice, I guess, because I didn't sign up for any of the gift exchanges on any list I am on this year--I knew I had no money from the job situation, plus I am SO bad about putting things in the mail, no matter how good my intentions are. So, I was really surprised and touched. The gift came at the absolute peak of my down period, and I think it was the start of things turning around, truly.

The Lisa Souza silk/wool yarn (called Petal) is stuff I can't get at any shop around here, or at least I haven't seen it, and it's in a truly great shade of red. I can't believe how appropriate it was--exactly what I would choose for myself. Plus there is a sweet beanie baby bear covered in purple pansies, my favorite flower. And delicious-looking chocolates--and who doesn't like that, I ask you? It just makes me smile in my heart to remember that people really are kind.

I remembered that a lot on Friday, actually, when I saw how truly happy my former coworkers were that job possibilities were finally coming through. I felt really good on my last day, rather than all down and worn out. One of the managers stressed to me that NO ONE there thought the contract being cut had anything to do with me--it was all the business practices of that place, which they all hate. My manager was really nice, too, and I thanked her for the chance to learn so much new software. That was mostly what I got out of that job, since I really never got to work to my capability there, at all. I had help getting all my stuff in the car, and kind words from all. Not so bad, though the last job ending was easier, with Lee there to help.

OK, come back tomorrow and I will show you some pictures of Lee's and my lovely weekend escape to the Hill Country.

Good news: the XH managed to teach Tuba Boy to drive my car while he was here, so when Tuba Boy gets a stick shift auto, he will be able to drive it. Whew.


Jody said...

The yarn is, in face, exactly what has been chosen before for you, strangely enough (or I may have selected Garnet but they are pretty damn close). It's just that last time, the dye job was quite severely lacking.

The cashmere/silk shawl you ended up with was better, in my opinion. My feeling may certainly be shaded by the ill-fated, highly frustrating search for the perfect yarn. =)

Katie said...

Hellloooo from New York! So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I will send you healing vibes (and good job vibes while I'm at it). Hopefully I'll be around the shop sometime soon to say hi in person. Muah! <3 ~Katie

nyjlm said...

I hope that you felt better and dazzled your interviewer! I was thinking good thoughts for you.