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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fun Is Free!

ELAB Supermodel
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We were goofing off last night before Lee and I left for rehearsing with the melodious Trey Bone boys. He and Beccano were following each other around with the camera trying to snap each other making a face, and this is the one Beccano got of Lee. We think he looks like a supermodel--look at those cheekbones--he could be Zoolander! And that flowing hair! And those wide eyes! OK, or he could be Weird Al Yankovic. Those two really make me laugh. Visit the knitting blog for a photo of Beccano looking like a leprechaun in a hat I knitted. He tried to put baby booties on his ears "to look like Shrek" but they wouldn't fit. See, all this fun and it's free!

We also had a quite fun rehearsal, very impressed with ourselves at how well we remembered our set list. The acoustics are nice in the remodeled living room o' Austin, which made it quite pleasant to sing. I just got tired at the end--the last couple of weeks I have not moved around much, just moped. Sure glad we have that performance to force us to get together and do music!

We will do more music at home as soon as our obsession with football ends. I think Lee and I went overboard this year just because no one told us we had to stop watching. We even watch bad, bad games, like New Orleans vs. Atlanta.

Another thing the helped cheer me was that I managed to find small but nice gifts for the family, and got them ordered in time that they will get here by the 25th, so we will have stuff to give out at Christmas. Beccano has picked out stuff to give, too. Don't know if it has occurred to Tuba Boy that he ought to be getting something for his friends and family. Maybe Debate Girl will remind him.

So, I am slightly more out of my funk today, looking forward to an evening at the yarn shop tonight, and a short choir. Maybe tomorrow we will bake Christmas cookies or something. Then this weekend Lee and I are going to escape our woes and go somewhere and do something while the kids are with their dad. That sounds like a plan! I hope he makes his supermodel face a lot. That will keep me grinning.

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