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Monday, December 3, 2007

Aging and Changing

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Here's a picture of my latest hair incarnation. I didn't get a picture of it, but the hairdresser styled it bone straight after the cut. It was very interesting (shiny, too) and maybe I can try to do it again, now that I got a flatiron thing for the kids. But, it was not "me." This hair is me. And probably how I should keep it. The extra long hair had begun to bug me (it tangled from the curling action). This is a nice color and a nice length. And if you don't like curly hair, too bad. It's the way my hair is!

I am looking at this picture, and have been looking in the mirror. Lots of aging signs, though I really should not complaint too much--I have fewer than a lot of people. But weird wrinkles are happening around my lips, and my chin is icky looking. Getting wrinkles in there. They eyes aren't too bad, but they do wrinkle up when I laugh. Of course, it is good to laugh.

There is a lot of age prejudice around job searching. I wish employers would realize that my life experience means I learn quickly, not that I am hesitant to learn. And that if I started now, I'd be able to work another 25 years for them, knowing the health histories of my relatives. I have to say that the job search makes me feel old and tired, though most of the time I feel the same as ever, only with one or two little glitches. Not bad, really for almost 50.

I want to age gracefully, but when I see that the jowls are starting, and the chin has no definition, I do imagine being wealthy enough to get tweaked. On the other hand, what's wrong with looking my age (other than people not wanting to hire me because of it!)?

GRR (added later)

I had gotten a call from a place, and they said they wanted to talk to me about getting a new job. It was downtown, and the info said dress business. Sounded like a much better place. But I thought it was odd that they didn't mention any particular job, and that there was no website listed in the email they sent. I stewed for a while, but decided I didn't want to waste my time if this was not a legit thing. So, I went to the www that matched the email address I got directions from. Son of a gun. It's a place that tweaks your resume and tells YOU how to go get a job. For a FEE (though they cagily do not mention that on their site). I thought I finally got some job action. But, at least I am not wasting my time going out there tomorrow, and missing work time on top of that!


Cheri said...

I have to laugh because I saw your picture and thought you looked great. Then i read your entry and you go on about how old you think you look. IMHO - you look fantastic and I love your new hair color!

Des said...

In the words of Billy Chrystal, "You look Mah ve lous!"
I love the hair.