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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reminding Myself

Holiday Boyz
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Just reminding myself that there's always something to cheer me up at home. Look at these shaggy fellows, dressed as dark as they can get, with hair as long as they can manage. This is their "formal" attire for their band concert last week. Beccano DID tuck the shirt in for the concert.

They remind me that there's always some amusing conversation to be had, music to hear, or website to share with these guys and Lee around. So even when the job search gets me down (as it is today, as it did yesterday, as it will tomorrow at the rate things are going) or when the stress on me and Lee makes both of us less than fun to live with, we have goodness and abundance. If I type this enough, I will do a better job remembering it, I hope!

Friends are having so much trouble, too. I am sending out a lot of energy to people with relationship issues, illnesses, weird family stuff, and work issues (either too much or too little).

Back to withdrawing into myself, which was today's goal. Trying to gather strength to rehearse with the Trey Bone guys tonight. Haven't done that in a while.


nyjlm said...

oh my gosh they are cute. No, scratch that- handsome!
Thanks for your comment- it does help to know I'm not alone. Had a good cry tonight (although today was pretty good, this pm was a bit, um, much) and feel good getting it out.

Sam said...

They are just such damn, fine looking young men. They have the best of you in them, that's clear!

Take care