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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dog Eat Dog World

Doggie Fun 2
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OK, so I didn't show the picture where Rose has Scrunchy's head in her mouth, but you get the point. In any case, the doggies here were having so much fun--they really enjoy each other.

I've sure been experiencing the "dog eat dog" aspects of the world recently. I have above-average intelligence, work hard, am loyal, and learn quickly, yet I can't find an employer willing to give me a chance. I tried really hard to get that job yesterday, a job that paid barely more than half what I am making now, because it was in a small company where I could really contribute, and I'd be working with a human being with actual ethics and who cared about his employees (rather than laying them off last year, he made sure they all got new jobs). But, my salary history apparently scared him off--he was so sure I'd run away for something that paid more, and I guess I was not convincing enough that my priorities involve more than just rate of pay.

It would be well worth it to make a little less if I had some idea that a job was mine for a while. I know nothing is "permanent," but at least having a "permanent" position would make me feel less expendable. I no longer even dream of benefits. Wow, the world has become rough.

My boss has reassured me again that things will pick up in January. I wish I could believe that and enjoy the time I will have home with the kids over our gift-free holiday period. (OK, there will be a couple of gifts, but not many.) My coworker tells me that I am dressing right (power suit today) to keep my vibes going well, and I've gotten some nice mantras, tokens and such. But I know it is my MIND that makes the magic, and it is tired and feels more like giving up some of the time. Luckily, I can ramp it up at other times, so I am not a total loss.

Thanks for reading my whines. I am applying. Heck, I even applied at ALE. Where I'd be the first to go in the next round of cuts, I am sure.

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Des said...

Tomorrow when I set my altar I will light my candles for you and your job search. Hang in there.