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Thursday, December 27, 2007

See This Movie!

Lee and the kids and I went to see the movie Juno last night. Paid full price, too. But, it was totally worth it. Juno has to be the most wonderful movie I have seen in at least a decade, maybe more. The writing and characterization were absolutely incredible--the screenwriter, Diablo Cody, got the teen viewpoint dead on. The dialogue sounds just like the kids on the band bus. And the adults in the movie were not stereotypes, but seemed like real people, with good and bad sides (just quirky, but then everyone in the movie is quirky).

And the subject matter, which is teen pregnancy, was dealt with just perfectly, in my opinion. You will not go away from this one disappointed, at least if you are a friend with similar values to mine. There is some cussin' in it. And implied sex (duh).

I also enjoyed the setting. Reminded me of my years in Illinois. Please go see this. It's not the usual Hollywood crap.

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nyjlm said...

I saw two kid movies in a week (and enjoyed them both! lol) and remembered how much I love to go to the movies. I should get a sitter so dh and I can go see this.