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Friday, December 14, 2007


Start your vibing--I got two job nibbles within 30 minutes of each other today, both for jobs I would like doing and I think I'd be good at. One is actually THE job I wanted most at ALE. For really great pay with benefits, and in the organization I worked in before. I feel a lot better getting any kind of action at all before the holidays. This will definitely help my mood for the weekend, even knowing nothing's in the bag or anything. At least there are possibilities!

But Wait, There's More!

After lunch, another job at ALE came through, and they want to schedule me for interviews, probably in January. Same department. At least I think it's a different job. Very similar, though. No complaints from me.

And More

First job called back and has scheduled an interview for Monday. Dang, when luck changes, it really changes.


Sam said...

VIBES, HUGS, LOVE, ENERGY, SUPPORT, CANDLES and more! All of it is set up for you to make sure you get your choice of ideal employment options. Any of them would be LUCKY to have you!!!

Robin said...

You go, grrrl!

Des said...

Oh, Yeah!