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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cuteness and Not Much Else

Not much to write about, so I am sharing a cute photo stolen from Parker. It's Beccano and his girlfriend. I am glad they have had such a happy two months with each other. They have done some fun things, and I guess spent most of their time in this van, doing this. And I hope not TOO much else.

I have been waiting for my new project to ramp up, and have done fun stuff like get a webcam and learn some new software. I have managed to spend every day of "leisure" so far doing frustrating errands, though, so none of the big cleaning up I had hoped got accomplished. I did wash 50 pairs of hand knit socks, though.

My phone got broken Tuesday, which meant an entire day of running to various AT&T stores. I did get Beccano a new phone, which was fun--I hid it in a bag of discounted Easter candy, so he was surprised. He keeps thanking me. It is a nice phone. Meanwhile, I had to go to a special place and get a replacement Blackberry, which would have been OK except that the guy couldn't transfer any of my things due to Bluetooth being stuck on and the "OK" button being the broken part meant it could not turn off. So, I spend the rest of the day talking to both AT&T and Blackberry tech support to get things back to normal. I have to say both had good technical support staff once I got off the queue for the masses. I really should not complain. I still had a month left in my warranty so I am lucky I was able to replace the phone rather than having to buy one.

Yesterday I waited and waited for work, then went to the yarn shop and had a reasonable time with the folks there (it got a bit too loud and crowded for me at one point). We also had a nice time at choir. I am enjoying learning the Mass we are going to sing for our spring concert.

Really, that's about it other than unbloggable things having to do with finance. Just send me good thoughts on that topic, OK?

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