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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't Know What to Say

I have been both ill and down the past few days, so I am not up to writing much.

I'm feeling sorry for Beccano who lost both that lovely girlfriend I posted the photo of AND his lovely band on Monday. Separate incidents. The girlfriend one has resolved positively.

I'm really disappointed about the other one, because it means I also lost a friend I had thought better of.

The good news is that the new job started and I seem able to do it, so far. But I haven't had to do Articulate Presenter yet, and I just hope my version will work. The new job had some quick deadlines so I worked a lot the past few days, so much that I just couldn't see well enough to blog. My one concern is that the graphic design person is no longer on the team, and I am worried that I might be expected to be the creative one now. I do WAY better with a creative partner like my old pal Dave!

I have some kind of really bad issue in my head--have had ear-aches, weird feeling sinuses, dizziness...just not feeling right. I only had three hours of sleep Monday night from a combination of the sickness and Suna's patented Highly Sensitive Person Emotional Outrage that always comes with I or a person I love gets treated with disrespect publicly.

Oh well, moving on. Not my best week, but at least I will get paid.


Sam said...

Sending love, hugs and get better vibes to you!

BBH, Sam

Kelli said...

I am in CO at my parents and just read this last blog entry. I'm sorry you've got so many "life issues" rising up at once - work, kids' lives, physical stuff. It sounds familiar to me, probably because I'm a similar type of mom, but also because I tend to react pretty emotionally AND physically when too many things are happening at once. Vertigo is one of my worst symptoms... Anyway, I'm thinking of you and hoping you're already feeling better.

Dragonfly said...

Sending as many good thoughts as I can to both you and Beccano.

Des said...

Thinking of you and visualizing comfort and healing for you.