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Monday, April 13, 2009

Everyone Got Rest but the Dog

We had a pretty nice and restful weekend. I know I felt good because I was between jobs. No stress over the one that ended (other than surprise they didn't even give me a thank you card), and I got a half day off Friday, which I happily spent at the yarn shop. Saturday was another fun day of yarning, so that wasn't stressful, either. Lee and I both had some sort of allergy issues going on--my throat was really in pain most of the weekend, and he mowed the lawn and stirred up pollen to his detriment. But, we watched some nice shows that we'd recorded on the DVR, and ate good meals. No complaints there.

Sunday was really a fun day, other than the pouring rain it started with. I got rather soaked picking flowers for the Flower Communion. I did get the kids to go to church with us, and I think Tuba Boy enjoyed getting to see some of his old friends. I really like the Flower Communion service that UU churches do. Beccano got a rose that smelled quite citrusy. I made everyone I saw sniff it.

Since it was a holiday for most people I decided we should do something involving nature in the afternoon, so Beccano and I dragged Scrunchy the Pug to a nearby park. He's been walking with me most days for the past month or more, so I figured he was ready for something a bit more entertaining.

Well, I knew we were in for a "different" kind of experience when he got so darned excited just driving to the park that I thought he was going to implode. His snortling was in full crazed mode, and he would not settle down. In retrospect, I probably should have taken him to one of the closer trails, but I wanted to go by the lake, so...

We arrived, grabbed some poop bags and went exploring the trails. The pug had a great time and frolicked quite happily as you can see in this rather blurry photo of Beccano in the Bluebonnets. They were pretty cute together.

Soon Scrunchy wore out and we had to get him a drink of water. Luckily I brought my port-a-bowl, which I dipped into the lake. He drank a lot. And I let him. Hmmm. But he was thirsty.

We walked a little more, then sat and had a rest. He was panting like crazy. Then on the way back, he barfed up a lot of what he drank. And then he flopped into a puddle near the water fountain, to be sure he was filthy enough, I guess. He did lost more liquids closer to the car. I hoped and hoped that he had barfed up all he had in him, but alas, that was not the case. Thankfully, I had an old towel in the back of the car, and we thought to spread that on the seat. That caught SOME of the ensuing vomit. Sigh.

So, after my lovely walk, I got to clean the car interior. I am not sure if he got overheated or not--it really wasn't that hot, and he really didn't walk any further than he usually does around the neighborhood. I think he was just over-stimulated. We hadn't taken the dogs anywhere in a long time, since Gwynneth had gone blind and crochety. If any dog left, she just had a fit and would not stop barking, so we kept them all at home.

I'll try taking him somewhere a little closer next time. I know he enjoyes smelling new smells and seeing new sights.

So, as for today...I met my team for my new contract. I think it will be fun. I sure hope so. Everyone seems nice enough, anyway. At least it's something different, and there will be breaks every so often. I might even be able to go somewhere during a break, who knows??

Tonight I've been listening to Parker and Beccano play some music. We have had some musical equipment "issues" in the past couple of days--not keeping track of borrowed items, but things seem to be getting better. And Lee practiced with Parker's dad--maybe to be in a band with him. That would be cool!

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