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Saturday, May 16, 2009

At Least It's Raining

It hasn't been exactly the perkiest of few days. Just little worries or disappointments, but they put a damper on things. First, I had no work other than Monday of this week, and I haven't heard anything from them since Tuesday. I do not know if I have screwed up or if it's something totally not to do with me. I am trying to think it's the latter.

And Beccano didn't get into drumline at school, which had him irritated, especially since two incoming freshmen did. He had done a lot of extra work prior to the try-outs, gone to a bunch of after-school practices and stuff, but to no avail. I guess at this rate he'll never get to march. I have not been pleased with his band teacher all year--he moved him to a lower band (not a punishment, I kept being reassured) and that took him away from a really good English teacher. He pretty much ignored the percussion people who weren't the top students for most of the year. I don't think band did much for the boy this year. To top that off from his band being broken up with no warning, and a bunch of really odd actions on the part of his "friends," it's not been too great of a time for him. But, he copes fine and has a way of forgiving things that is very admirable. Just a series of disappointments.

I hadn't made any horribly productive use of my "time off" by Friday, so since Beccano was home sick from school, I decided he could help me to pet stuff. We got a new water dish and food dish to replace ones that had broken, and some anti-itch shampoo (because the pug has been itching). We also got a really nice long-toothed metal comb. First we used the comb on Rose (seen above looking pissed off). I got a large grocery bag full of icky, dirty hair off her. She actually looks like she has lost weight now. Then we washed Scrunchy, which was not too bad. Washing Rose was another story. She was less impressed with that than she was the brushing. But, by gosh, I got her clean, and I put some nice rinse on it that has her fur looking considerably better. I trimmed matts from it, and I just know her skin feels better.

While both dogs had been acting itchy, neither has fleas (yay). I think the pug has anal gland issues and needs a shot of whatever it is that has helped him with his itchy periods in the past, but I don't think I can afford to take him in.

That is because our upstairs air conditioning unit seems to have stopped making cold air. Ugh, another huge bill coming up--right when there's no work and the car insurance is due. And guess what else? Beccano will be 16 and we had to get his extra cool gift, plus of course we need to pay for Tuba Boy's graduation gift. YIKES! No wonder I am a little stressy.

At least I am prepared to handle stress. I did go to the doctor this week and get my fine anti-anxiety medication renewed. I realize that paying for the visit and the meds is WAY less than it would have been to pay for individual insurance, so I am coming out ahead. Still, I need to have a whole bunch of things done that I have put off...pap smears, icky tests you get done at 50, etc. So, wow oh wow I wish a real job would materialize. I am looking again, never fear.

Good things, of course, abound. And I don't forget them. I am still smiling every time I see the picture of the labyrinth on the wall. And I got to play with TWO babies at the yarn shop today!

Well, this is just a stream-of-consciousness blather but at least it's a post. I hope you are well and that good things are happening to you.

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