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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rock and Roll Sweet 16

Beccano's birthday isn't until next Friday, but he found the gift of his dreams online, and Lee and I went ahead and ordered it for him. We figured it would take forever to ship a huge guitar amp by land, so it was quite a surprise when the UPS guy knocked yesterday, with two huge and heavy packages. Of course I was just coming out of the shower...but I let him bring them in. Then, of course, I could not hide them.

So, I "decorated" them with the signs in this picture. There was a better one of Beccano looking all confused, but the camera was on the setting, so he was rather blurry.

It says "Mysterious Birthday Surprise. What could it be?" Like he didn't know he sent us the link, etc. Don't mind the mess in the "dining room." We still haven't found something to do with Jeff's old entertainment center, so it is greeting all visitors and making me embarrassed, though not as much as the incredible amounts of hair Rose is shedding. Even after her bath and brushings.

He got right down to opening it up. Here he is gracefully tugging at the head. It's purple, as you can see. I think that's why it was nearly 50% off at Guitar Center. Well, he has nothing against purple and it is his dream gift: a Marshall Half Stack. Apparently this is a good amp. Jeff says it is "too big" but I think Beccano's planning on different venues than Jeff frequents.

We moved it to a less obtrusive location, but still in the dining room. I've spent a bit of time today trying to arrange the furniture a bit better in there and the family room. I guess if I am not going to be working much, I can spend my time decluttering (once we have air conditioning, that is).

I only have worked one day this week, and no signed papers for that. But they will be billed, since I worked 9 pm to about 3 am! Weird place, it turns out. I love doing the work and really like the people a lot, but it seems they have less than they said they would. Why oh why can nothing work out positively? But, I am throwing myself back into job search mode. I applied for one I really liked today, but who knows if it will come through. I am about to see if I can just work in a coffee shop or something. My nerves are having trouble coping. At least that ruins my appetite so my weight is good.

We just found out we are getting an all-new air conditioning system for our top floor. Just what the struggling family with college expenses and one barely-employed wage earner needs!

Lots of kid and graduation stuff coming up, so I promise to any of you who are actually still here reading this that there will be some happy fun posts.

Well, Beccano's amp is happy and fun. It is great to listen to! He will have hours and hours of fun trying out different settings and making lots of noise! And it's purple!


Sam said...

Happy (early) birthday from here!!

Lee said...

I’m so glad you posted these pictures. Wish I coulda been home when he found this.