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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The front of the house

Sam wanted to see my garden pictures. Well, I only got two usable ones, but these are them. Highlights include mulch instead of weeds and lack of Virginia Creeper VINES on the house, because I am zealously killing them to death and pulling them down, like every couple of days. The left plant is a Texas Bush Sage, and it has large purple flowers all summer (comes back from nothing every year and gets huge). Flowers are just about to start. Then the pink thing I just planted, and can't remember what it is, but there's a purple one, too. The turtle comes from Lee's old house and I made him bring it here because I like it and the Ex is not here to forbid garden statuary any more. It has vinca/periwinkle in it, of various pink and purple colors. The undefined green stuff is a mix of red snapdragons and white alyssum. Bugs just ate all the white flowers, but the snapdragons are doing better than usual, due to better watering and fertilizing than I usually manage. They will croak at some point in the summer, though, but that is OK--usually the white lantana comes up and covers the dead spring stuff.

This one is the other side of the previous picture and includes my sophisticated use of MS Paint to get rid of Older Boy's name on the sign (so Flickr viewers don't see it, not y'all). This shows some blue salvia behind the rest of the snapdragons. The taller plants at the left are pink snapdragons (blooming now) that have been in there at least three years (last time I managed to plant anything). They are much bigger than they were in previous years thanks to mulch, weeding and fertilizing. You do not see the evil honeysucke VINES that are trying to eat the poor crape myrtyle and salvia gregii on the end. I do like the dwarf something-or-other hedge by the windows. In ten years that is as big as it has gotten, and I have not had to trim it. For once, a foundation plant that doesn't soon outgrow its role.

So, that's one little bed in the front of the yard. And note the grass. It exists. I do have a lawn.

And from now on, I will make VINES very big. Because I obsess about them. Not even thinking about how the grape vine in back is trying to come back from the brink. Getting the RoundUp out.

One Other Topic

I was so nice and ordered Lee some flowers to show support for his divorce hearing this morning. Only, after I ordered them, it got canceled. ACK and these were not cheap flowers (they also came with a nice vase and matching picture frame). So, now they are sympathy flowers for not getting to get the thing OVER with yet. It's so stressful!


Barbara said...

I love seeing your garden - it is so lush!
I don't get the sign thing? Does everyone in the marching band have a sign with their instrument? Is is a Texas thing?

Lee said...

It's a high school thing. Maybe it is a Texas thing, but it's not just the band. There are signs for sports kids, too. I haven't seen signs for debaters or actors or choir-ers. But baseball, football, cheerleaders, and band are common.

Sam said...

That sign thing is neat. We don't do it here either, Barbara.
I love the garden pictures and I promised that I would post some of my own. It won;t happen today but should happen this week. MY next post will be about putting Henry into care yesterday.
GRRRR that the divorce thing didn't happen. I am sorry for the two of you that it isn't over with yet.

Anonymous said...

I'll trade my poison ivy for your Virginia creeper.. :-D Seriously, good luck with your conquest of plant pests, I have a long fight against river rock that a previous owner of the property thought would make good mulch. Blah. Many trips with the wheelbarrow from now, I can plant something, like maybe a sign denoting my high-schooler's sport: "Home of a Ray-Pec Boy-Crusher." (We had a recent break-up here, too, and ten minutes later, there were three new big hairy boys here, much like Virginia Creeper.)