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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pie and Cards

Didn't want too many pix in one post, so here's another Mothers' Day entry. My gift from Beccano was a completely home made pie. I bought him a cook book recently, of all desserts, and said I wanted this chocolate mint silk pie. He made it, and it took a lot of new skills for him to complete. Softening butter, melting chocolate (eww, burnt some), making a pie crust. That last one was expensive, because he misread the instructions again, and put in a cup rather than 2-3 tablespoons of water in his first crust dough. Wasted 1.5 sticks of butter, but was a good lesson. However, it is a nice crust.

The pie has not been eaten yet, but we have memorialized it in these lovely photos! It's jellin' now, and sure looks rich and delicious. It's neat to see him trying all these new skills.
The boys were silly, as usual, for the holiday, and each gave me cards featureing ninjas, for some reason. Well, I KNOW Beccano is obsessed, but Older Boy's card was, too. He though tit was so funny that he could not hardly bear for me to wait until to day to open it (and it was cute).

Beccano made his, which was a collage featuring himself in ten years (a ninja wielding a guitar (axe) and wearing a huge masonic medallion), the Who at like age 18, Al Gore yelling "happy mommies day," a pansie, and the Kool-Aid dude (oh yeah). Not sure why the last thing was there. But, it made me laugh. Oh yeah, and a picture of Pres. Taft, labeled "Taftilicious" which he said cracked him up for about an hour when he thought of it. Yes, that boy is as goofy as he is in the photo!!

Both have been so kind to me lately (Older Boy walked to get the mail for me yesterday), and so funny. Every day's my day!

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