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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Restaurant Fun

Restaurant Fun
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Friday night we decided we wanted to go out to eat, and it was my turn. I picked a local family-run Italian restaurant, because I like the "real restaurant" atmosphere and lack of chain-restaurant blandness. The problem was that it was Friday, prom night and such, so we had a bit of a wait. I came prepared with knitting (which I later had to rip out, but it passed the time), and everyone else entertained each other with banter while we had drinks.

Once we got seated, the boys (Lee included) got sillier and sillier, and we ended up playing a seriously funny game of adult vs. teen "straw hockey" (blowing a straw folded into a triangle across the table, trying to avoid glasses, so you can "score"). The easiest way to lose was to start laughing, so you could not blow any more, and the other side could score on you. There was a lot of laughing! I hope we were not too embarrassing. I captured the end of the game on my cell phone, and that's the picture you see here.

The food was wonderful, and to see them eating salad and broccoli cheese soup warmed my heart. And ordering adult kinds of food. Wow. (If only Older Boy would EAT more.)

I came home so happy to have my wonderful three men in my home. They were great fun.

And in good news, it looks like Jeff found a roommate and a nice place to live, not very far from here (but a lot closer to his fave South Austin haunts, like Artz and Donn's Depot). He should be moving soon, if all goes well. So that's 4 dudes I am happy with.

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Sam said...

I LOVE the picture of your boys and hearing about your dinner. I love going out with all 3 of my guys and having fun. Makes the days brighter to have memories like that.

PS - I trust the boys won the game??