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Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Is Passing

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You know, you have to capitalize "is" in title case, 'cause it's a verb.

This milkweed seed blowing off the pod reminds me that time is indeed passing. But, it's a reasonably good autumn other than the job fear.

Last night Lee and I went to Linda W's house to pull together the wedding ceremony. We ate very spicy chicken from a fast food place and planned away. We mixed two ceremonies that she had shown us, one labyrinth-themed and one vaguely pagan, plus some stuff of our own. We came up with a multi-media extravaganza featuring color, music, poetry and verse. Whatever. There will be some nice stuff, anyway. And even if it rains, we are covered, because Linda has her own portable labyrinth! We can move the whole deal indoors. Lee and I were both pleased with the outcome of the evening--we each had good input, and Linda had all the bases covered, like seating for the elderly and handicapped, how we plan to exit, etc.

It's the last football game of the season to ride the band bus, unless by some miracle the football team wins and we are in the playoffs. I will really miss the kids, and am sorry we didn't get to go on any fun long trips like we did last year. I am really fond of a lot of these young people--their passion and strength of conviction reminds me of what I could be without a lot of my crusty oldness. Whatever they believe, they really believe it and do not hesitate to say so! I love that! I do hope some of them come to the wedding. That would be nice.

I have found a few more old friends on Facebook, and that has been fun. I just love seeing what they are doing now, their current interests and such. Facebook was a good idea. It is nowhere near the scary online community some are, because it is a lot easier to control who sees your stuff.

I am working with Tuba Boy to get all his college application stuff together. We will work on those all next week. There is a LOT of stuff, but luckily a lot of the private schools use one common application. That does simplify a lot. He will be busy with essays, though! I wish I weren't so busy worrying about having money to live on, and doing wedding doo-dads--I'd have spent a lot more time on this process, and made his dad a wee bit happier. Only so many hours in the day, though.

Darn it, I had a lot of other little things I wanted to talk about. All have escaped me, though. I guess I will just go, enjoy the lovely fall coolness, and look forward to a fun trip to New Braunfels tomorrow to try on my dress, followed by a fiber festival in Boerne. That will entail much Hill Country scenery. That is never a bad thing. Texas in the fall is more subtle, yet as lovely as Texas in the spring.

More Sunday, I guess!

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