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Monday, November 24, 2008

Goats Don't Know How to Pay Toll

Goats Don't Know How to Pay Toll
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Traffic alert! This was the sight I saw coming home today, as I was exiting the toll road, which is elevated at this part. How on earth a herd of goats got on the road is beyond my understanding. I drove up and saw all the cars stopped, so I carefully slowed down, only to see goats darting hither and yon. By the time I got up to the goats, people had surrounded them with cars, so they were contained. Someone was on the phone calling for the goat-busters I guess. Or goat wranglers. That was really good thinking on the part of the people in those cars! I know there are goats in the wooded area adjacent to the road, but it's a ways down there.

So, a little excitement on the ride home!

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Parker said...

When you're in delays, on six-twentay. Who ya gonna call?

(i tried to work in forty-five, didn't work. 620 is close enough. :D)