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Friday, November 14, 2008

Not Too Bad

Little Moth
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Here's a picture of the little moth who's been hanging around in the media room the past few days. It is very friendly, for a moth. Oddly, I do not hate this one like I hate those Evil Moths that ate the pantry stuff and took THREE YEARS to get rid of. This is a different kind of moth. It is actually greenish, not brown. I think it's pretty.

Things are pretty OK. Work is good, though no official word on whether I get to stay or not. Seems likely. We even decorated our area yesterday, with the boss as ringleader. We will see how long the tiki borders get to stay, but they look festive and it's harder to get lost now. Our area is demarcated.

Lee and I both skipped work happy hours, which ended up being at the same place, oddly. I needed to pick up Becanno from school (where he has brought his grades up and is not failing anything I think). Then Parker (who doesn't get a pseudonym any more, since you can tell who she is when she comments) and I went to the Office Depot, land of shiny objects and idea fodder, to figure out how to make signs for the wedding. That was today's agenda, signage. I flitted from shiny object to shiny object while she used her budding engineer brain to locate inexpensive yet useful tools, such as the 3" red plastic letters we ended up using to make a VERY legible two-sided sign to help the lost and confused locate the wedding spot. We are using poster board "jackets" that we will slip over leftover political yard signs. See, those come in handy and can be recycled!

Before the signage, we got Beccano and met Lee at Mesa Rosa for Mexican yummies. The kids cracked me up, as usual, Beccano by finding a Mexican painting that matched the wedding colorings, and declaring, "That could be your wedding Mexican!" which gave me visions of displaying a matador somewhere on the edge of the labyrinth, making us look even WEIRDER than we already will. Then, because at the restaurant we happened to run into a large, burly football-playing kid I used to know when he was small(er), I managed to pass off the bonus lacrosse helmet that came into my possession from the lady whose afghan I fixed. Whew, now I don't have to talk to the lacrosse coach. The young man was very gracious and said he would be sure to get the helmet to another burly young fellow who is on the lacrosse team. Bless his burly heart. His parents were amused.

We came home and worked on signs, trying to not breathe too much permanent marker fumage. My gigantic black marker was quite the fume producer. But it draws good lines. Beccano drew some hearts on the signs, but mostly us girls measured and stuck letters on, and drew arrows and such. Lee helped me not make my lines crooked, so he helped, too.

Eventually we will attach ribbons and balloons and such to the signs. The second sign will go near the church door and point people the way around back to the labyrinth.I am sure people will notice where all the other people are and go there.

In more wedding progress, we got the outline of the service back from Linda and it looks good. I will return it this evening, then work on a program for the whole thing. Parker is in charge of printing on our "My Name Is" labels so they will have the wedding date and our names on them. Lovely souvenir, huh. After wrestling with the Avery Web site, she got the template to work, so we are rocking.

Tonight we are just having a relaxing dinner at home, and maybe I won't do too much wedding stuff. Saturday, after a knitting thing, Parker is coming back and we are doing home decor fix-up and clean up, plus perhaps a few more crafts--or buying red and yellow M and Ms or jelly beans! I do keep feeding her, so I hope that makes up for all the work she's doing! It is good to have an assistant, anyway.

Lunch is over, so this post must be, too. More endless wedding stuff later, I am sure.


Sam said...

I love reading the details of your wedding preparation. It must be fun to be getting down to the little accent tasks that need accomplished. Soon, it is SO soon!!

Parker said...

If Sam loves reading about the wedding prep- i love partcipating. :D

Stephanie said...

Gotta say I love reading it too. I'm overflowing with happiness for you and the boys plus I'm so glad that angel Parker has taken on your wedding as her project as well. I wish I could be at your kitchen table to observe all the antics and participate in what sounds like great conversations throughout this process. I'm glad you are enjoying it and documenting it for us (and you) to enjoy as well. Hugs to you and your groom!