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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Preparation Frenzy

It's been busy. As you can see from the photo, my friends and I are so tired we can't even manage normal functions like drinking (this first photo is me trying to drink from the bottom of my wine glass and Janet trying to drink with no glass. We were tired. Actually, I have no idea what was going on, but we were eating Thanksgiving dinner in this photo. We had ten people, which isn't huge by most people's standards, but is a lot for us. My sister and I did our usual thing, and other than wasting $21 of oysters by making the dressing too moist, we did well. Great, moist turkey, yummy veggies, all that. And grafting my two dining tables together did make a nice ten-person table. Other lucky stuff is that our new curtains arrived early, so they were up in time for my dad to arrive. That made me happy. I hope to post some pictures of how nice we have the living and dining rooms looking now. After the wedding!

The next photo is my sister and me getting giddy or loopy or something. I think we were trying to convey our cooking expertise. You may be getting the idea that we got no real good pictures that day. You may be right. Mostly we have photos of people chewing or closing their eyes. But it was fun. In addition to me, Lee, and the kids, we had my sister, my dad, Jeff, and my friend Janet and her daughter, "Cake Girl" and boyfriend "Chef Boy." (Tuba Boy wanted me to give them nicknames.) Cake Girl brought two totally homemade pies, and Chef Boy brought duck dressing. It had pomegranates in it!! Both of them are recent culinary school grads.
Here they are with me crouching under the kitchen eating area light. I put the stool there so people wouldn't walk into it while the table had moved to the other room. The kids had put some monument to junk on the stool as an attempt at humor. Called it an altar. Lee and Janet think we are all very cute.

Yesterday was Arts and Crafts Day, and we had lots of helpers in making the decor plant items, flower arrangements and such. Lots of running around also happened as we searched for the right flowers (we failed, but they will be fine).

Parker came by and helped, as did Tina/Chemical Pink, who made the big contribution of a working vacuum cleaner (GRRRR that ours is broken). It's a Dyson. Wow. Janet came to help Cake Girl work on the wedding cake some more. Wow those are a lot of work. And Deana came to cut fabric, thankfully. She was great at that. We had so much help. The kids helped Lee and my dad do some gardening, too.

Well, my little break is over since I just remembered some more signs I want to make. The next time I post, Lee and I will be Mr. and Mrs. SunaLee!!!!! No, I am not changing my name. I didn't last time...


Parker said...

This will sound rather odd... but I'm fairly skilled in vacuum cleaner repair. Want me to look at it when I'm over there sometime?

Lee said...