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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ah, it's a rare calm period right now. No school issues, no work issues (I have nothing this week, but they TOLD me about it, and I know I have stuff coming up...I can relax), a respite from Lee's dad's issues...I am soaking up the calm. The worst problem is that Scrunchy the Pug is really itchy and scratching himself up. Lee has tried Benadryl in small doses. We will see how that goes.

Of course, that does not make for fascinating blogging. I know it's fascinating that Deana came over yesterday and I helped her upload photos to Ravelry. And that she brought cookies, which are all gone now! Or perhaps you will be intrigued that Beccano and I went BOTH to the bank AND the grocery store yesterday and survived the oppressive 100+ degree heat. Well, that did result in a delicious meal including fresh vegetables as well as the most sweet and perfect strawberries I've had in ages (plus, I am dehydrating the rest of the berries and some bananas).

It's rather quiet without Tuba Boy, who seems to be having an OK time in Alabama, observing a debate tournament. I hope his friend does well!

I have a very clean house right now. We got the vacuum cleaner fixed, so I am keeping up with the dog hair, and being home more means I can keep the kitchen clean and keep down the clutter in other rooms. I always feel more calm when my house is clean enough that I don't feel embarrassed to have people over! I haven't felt OK about the house since that brief moment before the wedding when it looked good. We just have to get rid of an entertainment center and TV in the dining room and I will be A-OK. We just can't give the stuff away, so I guess it's Craigslist time.

All this gives me time to send a lot of empathy and sympathy to the people in Iran. I worry about them a lot. Every Iranian I have ever met has been a reasonable, nice and moderate person (OK a few were rather liberal, I must say). They've been the kind of Muslims that truly exemplify the peaceful aspects of the religion. I realize that the people in charge will still not be pro-US, no matter what happens, but I know a bit more of a moderate government would make things easier for women and moderates there. So, I am thinking of them all.

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Tina said...

Thank you for reminding me to measure for the entertainment center!

I shall go do that and send you a message on facebook.