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Friday, June 5, 2009

Catch-up 2: Birthday Fun

We did celebrate Beccano's birthday, the day after the real occasion. We went to our favorite local Chinese restaurant, and got our favorite waitress, so all was well with that.

Beccano got to open a few presents, knowing that his big gift was that purple amp (a very popular household item at the moment). His gift from Tuba Boy hadn't arrived yet, but it did get here yesterday. It's an incredibly lifelike Kurt Cobain action figure, complete with strings on the guitar, a music stand and a microphone.

His other gift, which he bought with his birthday money, was a music playing device that looks like an old radio but has a turntable, CD player and radio in an Ipod doc. He is so happy to be playing Lee's and my old albums.

When our meal was over, the waitress brought him a slide of German Chocolate Cake. We all enjoyed it. We'd had so much fun with the waitress that Beccano decided to draw her a picture and write a message in the chocolate syrup. That is one artistic boy. I know he is so talented.

Sigh, I am now off to a conference with his school counselor to find out about taking summer school, because he managed to fail Geometry. He simply does not seem to realize he has not done his work. I have no idea how to fix this, but perhaps summer school will encourage him to not do that any more. I dread hearing the little lecture on "he should do his work" and "you should check the Home Access Center daily to see if he is missing something." Oh well, I'll live.

More updates to come later.

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Tina said...

You should tell me where you got Beccano's nifty present - I want one!