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Friday, June 5, 2009

Catch-up 1: Band Banquet

I got behind on all my blogging, so I am going to post separate posts about some of the recent events. One fun thing (sort of) that we did was attend the band banquet held for the kids' band. It was much bigger than it had been in the past, which led to some issues--the food lines were so long that a lot of people just decided to not eat.

But Tuba Boy and Brilliant Girlfriend both looked lovely for the occasion. Such young adults! Another of their debate friends came (Future Roommate), so she had someone to talk to during the endless awards and such. We also had at our table two moms--Future Roommate's mom (and my future college parenting buddy) and the mother of one of Beccano's friends, because he didn't want her sitting with him. The rest of our table was the older members of the tuba section. A lot of very tall, funny young men.
Here is an example of how nicely the band kids cleaned up--two of my bus buddies looking very distinguished! The one on the left is the one whose mom I sat with. I am so proud of these kids--they really brighten my day, and it was fun to hear what "awards" they got nominated for.

Here are two other denizens of the sophomore buddies' table. Beccano was fairly gracious about the fact that he had to do the banquet on his birthday. He even smiled as they sang happy birthday to him (this really impressed his friends, who didn't know that Tuba Boy and I had arranged it). I love this photo, because it looks like the two friends are mirror images of each other. R. had just cut all his hair off, and Beccano has not. And their shirts and ties are opposite. They looked so cute together.
I wore my extremely orange dress. I look like I am wearing wallpaper. But, even though my closet is 50% lighter right now, I kept it. I need a couple of dresses! I am with Lisa, who as always looks really, really nice. Her older son who is Tuba Boy's age went to another high school (arts magnet), but her younger one is at our school, so we got to hang out!
The banquet went on and on and on and on, and the food was really watery Mexican-ish stuff. But, it was so nice to see this happy group of seniors get their due. It was worth it. We had some very good musicians, but also some very hard workers. I know their band experience will benefit them in the future, even if they don't do more music.

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