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Monday, March 22, 2010

Music, Music, Music

It should come as no surprise that music makes me happy. I went through 19 years after high school where listened to music as a way to cheer up (or get further down, as the need arose), and didn't perform at all. I had sung all the time in high school, because I was in two choruses (hello readers who were Travelaires at Plantation High School in the 70s), and did some solos and ensemble work, too. I loved it all, from madrigals to popular stuff. But, something happened. I no longer even remember what it was, but it made me not want to sing in college, and avoid it for many years.

Only when I started going to the UU church here in Texas did I tentatively start singing again. I was worried I'd forgotten how to read music.I hadn't. And I have been singing with them for over a decade (I posted a choir photo one day last week, so am not repeating). I also have sung in two larger choruses, and have chronicled some of that back in the depths of this blog. Search for singing and you'll find them.

But I have to say that being a member of the rather large but happy group, Funkatonic, has really revived my joy of singing. I think it's fulfilled the rock and roll fantasies of a lot of us in the band, which is mostly over-thirty former musicians of one sort or another (plus  Beccano the teen bass player and our teen flute specialist). Here I am singing, as you can tell, "Ooh, Baby Baby" in my Linda Ronstadt-esque way. The words are up there because this was a "hymn" and the audience sang along. OK, fine. But I got to wear my shiny 70s belt and my t-shirt from an obscure Welsh 70s band.

Funkatonic, by J. Montgomery

We are all having a great time. And to prove it, here's the rest of the family, also having a great time.
The guitar dudes rocking out.
We are all just having so much fun. No, it isn't perfect. But it is fun. Music should bring joy, and I assure you, our music does. We all keep grinning about how great it is we get to do this in public! (Sort of public, anyway.) I am sure glad we've had the opportunity to perform rock in this setting, though I also know it can be too loud for some folks. Don't know how to please everyone, but they do provide a lot of different kinds of music at the church, which is fun! And fun is the theme to this entry. Glad there is fun in my life.

So, if you want to, indulge in this video clip, which I am grateful for Jon Montgomery for getting for us. The audience blocks a lot of us (poor Becano is behind the fellow in blue on the right).

Oh, and did you want to know more about the obscure Welsh rock band my shirt depicts? It's Budgie, and the shirt looks like the top one on this page. I definitely would have won the most obscure rock band t-shirt contest, if we'd had one. Of course, actual credit goes to my coworker, T., who remembered the band and pointed me to them, and my younger son, who got me the shirt.

Well, it's been a chilly beginning of spring, but I know it will be too hot before I know it. I am still working on getting some employment, and had an interview today that I hope went well. At least I met some nice folks and got to see an old friend today, so it was worth it. See what a great attitude I am getting from posting all these things that bring me joy? It's working! I feel better!



Jennifer Swan said...

I'm so glad it's helping you feel better, because it's really giving me great pleasure to read all these posts! Thanks for sharing and spreading joy!

Bee said...

Like :)

Elisabeth said...

Reading about you feeling happy, because singing makes you happy, makes me happy too.

Funny how that works, isn't it?