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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Starting Anew: Loving My Music

I haven't been writing here much, because, well, I have had some issues with feeling rather down, and didn't want to just whine and whine and whine. Of course, the issues I have been dealing with are real and legitimate--not having consistent work, not getting any of the jobs I apply for, etc. That makes me feel incompetent, even when I know perfectly well they like me lots at work, there just isn't any work to do through no fault of my own. Other issues of friendship and such don't help. I'm working on it, and certainly Lee and the kids are not problems. They are lots of help.

What to Do about It

I've been dieting and exercising in my little hiatus from work, thinking that will help. It has helped my waistline and I've enjoyed the early spring so far!

And in blogging, I think I will use this space for a while to post as often as possible about a good thing going on in my life. That will give me nice stuff to review. So I will start.

Singing "Stop in the Name of Love" with Funkatonic.
I am really enjoying Funkatonic (website coming soon), the band a great musician at church put together to provide more "modern" music for church services. We have played twice so far, and are rehearsing for the March performance now (oops, not performance, service). What fun it is to play with so many talented people. We amaze ourselves at how quickly we figure out songs.

And it's a family affair. Beccano plays percussion and bass, and is holding his own among some very talented professional musicians. Lee is playing lead guitar, and I am one of the backup singers, or on a few songs the main singer. We are having fun working out harmonies!

If you are on Facebook, you can become a fan--just search for Funkatonic. You can see lots more photos.

Look for more highlights of my recent months in upcoming days!


What We Need said...

Good for you! I love this, Suna. The band looks great, and so do you!

Becki said...
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Katherine said...

I love the "Stop! In the Name of Love" photo!

Katherine said...

I deleted my first post because it somehow had my sister's identity for my login - long story but I'm sure it has to do with our family blog when I let her use my login to make entries and she personalized it...