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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Visionary Post

Continuing with my drive to make myself remember the good things in my life that make me happy, this one just popped into my head as I switched from my regular to my computer styles. I am incredibly grateful that modern science can grind pieces of glass or plastic in such a way that people whose vision is not perfect can see well. Yeah, I am grateful for glasses.

I got a backup pair yesterday, hoping that their narrowness would put the up-close part higher, so I would not have to tilt my head backwards to look at my computer screen while using the new couches (being recliners, they put my lap higher than the old one did).
Ready to go out to dinner wearing new purple, sparkly glasses.
Now I feel like some sort of diva or Elton John, with a "wardrobe" of glasses (I have sunglasses, special computer glasses for work, and two pairs of regular ones). These are sorta fancy, to contrast with my retro horn-rims. OK, I wasn't going to post a photo, but these new purple ones (which claim to be "rose") are so different I thought you might want to see. I do want to point out that the gaudy sides are mostly hidden by my hair, so they aren't quite as over-the-top when I am wearing them. My own photo didn't come out well, so here's one from the company:
Jean Lafont Audaces frames, sparkly with stained glass effect on giant titanium flowers.
Yes, these are rather "out there." But, aside from my urge to have fashionable frames, I want to get back to my theme. What really makes me happy is the fact that I can see so well. I have a great eye doctor who understands that I knit and read all the time and NEED to see small things well. I had such great vision when I was young, that I think I'd be very sad if I had to go around with my vision now. It's not that bad--I could probably drive without my glasses, but not being able to read easily would hurt.

And I know that vision is a gift that can be taken away. I have a good email friend who gets shots in her eyes every month to keep them from deteriorating any more than they are. You just know how important vision is to her! And I feel so bad for Jeff's mom (in her late 70s), whose eyes have started to go downhill very rapidly. She just bought a cute little car when she moved here last fall, but can't drive it now. She gave away all her craft stuff, and has large print books to read. She says she really misses sewing, knitting and crochet. It's got to be hard living alone and not able to do your hobbies.

I'm glad one son has perfect vision still and the other can wear contacts with no problems. Glasses can be a pain, but I never could get used to contacts for astigmatism, and the eye doctor warned me that I'd never be able to see as clearly as I can with glasses. So, I'll just keep using them as fashion accessories that also enable me to do the things I love (reading, writing, knitting, looking at birdies and flowers).


Anonymous said...

So much gratitude in your heart... mine fills with gratitude for both yours and my own sight.

Recently I read in the latest Atlantic magazine that we may owe our ability to read to SNAKES... that early man had to look down and be able to quickly discern very small and subtlies in order to save his life.... hmmmmm..... the Universe is so kind and compassionate and intertwined..... Lovein' ya, Suna. XOXOX

Audrey Jensen-- said...

My dad just got glasses for his computer use. Now I can use his computer when I am here, because the font size is not 400!

I might think about it myself.

Stephanie said...

I love the glasses! Very pretty and my favorite color. Glad your doctor keeps your vision clear enough to produce the amazing knitting you do.