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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boy Meets Guitar, At Last!

Not much has been going on around our house. Lots of television watching (the Grammy Awards and Presidential press conference were both fun to watch as a family, because it sparked lots of conversation).

I did want to share this photo of one happy young man. Tuba Boy finally got to touch his guitar Sunday night. He returned from his debate tournament quite ill, but id didn't stop his face from lighting up with joy when he saw his new lifelong companion (people keep guitars longer than spouses--I read that somewhere). He kept saying it was so shiny. He didn't want to smudge it or mess it up. However, we soon heard sounds, so he did go ahead and touch it.

Last night I got to enjoy listening to both boys playing together. It's way more entertaining than Guitar Hero or Rock Band! I love how helpful Beccano is to his brother, as he shows Tuba Boy how to play various songs.

In good news around the house, it rained yesterday, and it's drizzly today. We have not had a rainy spell in quite a long time. We jokingly think that we brought it on by both watering the entire front and side yard AND spending two days building new patio furniture for the front patio. While I am happy for the rain, I sure would like to get more use out of the lovely spot we have created (which we hope will have fewer mosquitoes than the back patio). Of course, we'd like to be able to take a picture for our blogs, too!

(Send good job vibes to me and Lee, please--we need to start looking again, since we both expire at the end of March!)

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