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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Food for Thought #6

Today Lee asks questions that are too hard for first thing in the morning, especially after typing all those albums yesterday, but here I go.

Appetizer: Read the appetizer in full before acting. Focus on this screen. Then close your eyes and turn your head to the right. What is the first thing your eyes focus on when you open them?

I wish I could say Lee, but in actuality, I focused on the streetlight outside. It's so windy I had to look out and see if everything was still there.

Soup: When something good happens to someone you work with, how do you react?

I am generally happy for them. The only time I wasn't was when we were in competition for the same job and I came in second. And I really thought I was the better candidate. In retrospect, it's OK because that job got sent to India last year.

Salad: If something happened in your career that doubled your income, what is the first thing you would do?

I'd probably collapse from relief that I can stop worrying. After that, I would pay off any debt I had. Then I think I would put new floors and counters in the house. Wow, rivetingly exciting.

Entré: How do we acquire our drives, the parts of us that make us want to accomplish one thing versus another thing?

I guess I didn't want to be as financially struggling as my parents, and I didn't want to spend my whole life sitting in front of a TV smoking like my mom. So, I tried to do well.

Dessert: What made you happy today?

Since today just started, I will go with yesterday. A nice dinner with Lee, and a mini tuba concert from Tuba Boy made me happy. I will miss his last solo and ensemble competition, so I wanted to hear his solo.

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Lee said...

I came in second to a street lamp? <wink /> But at least I make you happy.