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Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Do You Spell Relief?

I spell it "Southwestern," because that's the college Tuba Boy got into. That means he at least gets to go somewhere! He even got an academic scholarship award, though it will need supplementing with a needs based award, for sure! Hope he gets some of that, too. We are pleased that he got into a good quality school, and since this is the closest one to where we live, I like it a lot! (The school is in Georgetown Texas.)

I feel like I can relax a bit and wait patiently for the other results to come in, knowing he has a spot.

I am proud of him, too, for getting some academic recognition.

Now we just wait and see what's next. What's next for Beccano is driver's ed, since his "Driver's Ed in a Box" arrived in the mail. Both them boys are going to get some schooling, yep. And both are costly, LOL.

There's still no word on my job future, so I'm hoping something comes up soon!

That's it for me, just a small happy note!