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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Pattern Repeats

If you are a long-time reader, you are probably expecting this post by now. It seems to occur every 6 months or so.

Yes, it's another work-related disappointment. I no longer have the tantalizing hope that I'll be offered a permanent position on the team I'm in now.

Apparently they had one full-time equivalent, and had hoped to make that be my position, but a woman in the department who's got high connections wanted someone to work for her, so it went there. And that's all I'll say in case someone at ALE reads my blog. Ask me in person for details!

I don't think I made the cut for the other position at ALE, since it is being advertised outside the company. I'm hoping a colleague will put me in for one of the two positions at that other department, though. It's doing something I would like to do.

So, it's back to the networking drawing board. I have possibilities, of course, so I'll be fine. I just get to have my 1.5 days of incredible disappointment before picking myself up and starting again! Mainly I am mourning that nice feeling of not worrying about income for a while. That seems to last 7 months of these 9-month contracts!

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