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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life Goes On, and Is Fun!

I haven’t had time to write about recent goings on, because I’ve been so busy doing stuff. That’s a good problem to have, isn’t it? The weekend was really good—Saturday was spent driving all over the place to look at yarn with Deana and Dawn. It was SO windy that I really felt sorry for Deana having to drive. The wind did a number on my poinsettia plants at home, too. Once I got home, it was fun, fun, fun with Beccano and Parker working on a screen printing project while at the same time, Tuba Boy, Lee and a bunch of high school seniors were playing their role playing game. Lee made delicious burgers that pleased everyone who had one, too. Parker said it was the best burger ever.

Sunday was SO busy that I got pretty wiped out at one point. We had to be at church early, so we fetched band kid Jeremy, who wanted to visit the church, and got there in time and everything. I think the Dixieland Band sounded pretty OK, even with some of the missing solos and such. At least the sound balanced. One woman fled, saying it was too loud. I don’t know how you can get brass instruments any quieter than they were. We had a nice sermon on passive resistance, then another Dixieland song, where apparently my “belting out” on “When the Saints Go Marching In” went OK. There really wasn’t much singing in the arrangement. Oh well. After an endless music committee meeting in a frigid room, Lee and I got to go home for a tiny rest before heading back out to get some spring décor items and hangers for heavy pictures. What an exciting life we lead, I tell you. It was just a bit more running around than I was up for, so I relished the nice grilled cheese sandwich we had for dinner!

Meanwhile, Beccano had gone off to a birthday party for a former Triskelion member. I am glad Parker dragged him there, because apparently they had tons and tons of fun. I guess I was mostly happy to see Beccano doing social things with friends, and was especially pleased to find him on the phone giggling about goings-on at the party long after it was over. Such normal behavior! At his age he deserves to be having some fun with friends, laughing and gossiping!

Yesterday didn’t end up at all like I’d planned. But that’s OK, it was good! I am all about doing things a little differently right now, so when I got home, rather than sitting in front of my email and passing out from post-work exhaustion, I looked down and saw Scrunchy, who was really happy with me for getting some goop out of his eye. I decided to take him for a walk. He sure had a good time, and he only pooped once (I hate carrying poop bags). I think I’ll try to walk him as much as I can, and see if I can get someone to bring Rose along, too. I had stopped walking them when Gwynn went blind, because she went into such hysterics when one of them left. No one could read, watch TV or enjoy being at home if someone took a walk with one or more of the other dogs. But, the dogs need exercise. And so do I!

When I got home, Beccano and Parker had just gotten back, and I listened to the daily high school drama for a while on the lovely new porch furniture. We had decided to go with Parker and her mom to see a band nearby, but just before leaving, Beccano called out to us to look outside. It was one of the loveliest sunrises I’d seen in a long time. We had a blast taking photos and running around in the beautiful orange light. I hope you enjoy them, too! We did head out to see Parker’s dad’s guitar teacher in an R&B band. Lee loved the music—I know that’s the kind of stuff he’d love to perform. It was a bit chilly, but fun to listen to good music (or what will be once the singer backs off a bit—he’s good but was overpowering the system), eat good food, and enjoy the high school giggles between 2/3 of a Triskelion.

I’m glad we did something different last night! We all had genuine fun! More of that, please! I hope Tina comes over this evening, as planned. It might be another fun night!

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Dragonfly said...

I have to say this is one of my favorite posts and I keep saving it on bloglines. It's beautiful and full of life.