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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Food For Thought #7

Bonus photo is our red bud tree at night.

Appetizer: When it comes to the weekend, do they usually measure up to your expectations?

I tend to wish they were longer, so I'd have a day with nothing I felt obligated to do. But, on weekends at least I get to do the "work" I like (teaching knitting) and I get to see my friends at church and usually sing something, which is another thing I like to do. So, those aren't horrible obligations. I always hope to get a LOT of knitting done, but to also do fun things with the family. One of those usually happens!

Soup: What good thing happened this week that you were not expecting?

My oldest son gave me a birthday gift, but more wonderful, a hand-made card that was really, really funny. Those are the kinds of things you will always treasure. I keep carrying it around and showing it to people.

Salad: If one end of a scale is, “I like to have every second of my day planned and executed according to that plan”mand the other end is “I like to take life as it comes, completely spontaneously,” where do you fit?

I'm in the middle, I guess. I would like to know I am going out of town, but if we took a different road or went somewhere else, that would usually be fun. And I like knowing we are going out to eat, but where is not important. I generally want weekends unstructured, if I can swing it.

Entré: Do things just happen, or do we control what happens in our lives?

I have a strong existentialist bent, which would mean that there's no master plan out there, but I think each decision we make affects what direction things will go in.

Dessert: What are your plans, if any, for the weekend.

Teach knitting, move the bird to a new spot in the house, go to a birthday dinner with family and friends and see a friend's new band, go to church and see the youth service, go to a fund-raiser concert in the evening. Next weekend is a baby shower.

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