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Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to the Old Grind

Spring Break is over, so the kids are back in school, and I'm back at the old grind of job searching. As you can see, I got yet another new shade of hair for this round of looking. It's a pretty fun shade of red, and Robert left some pieces of it the previous color, so it is like free highlights. I'm going to stare at this photo a lot to keep me motivated on my new walking regimen.

We had a generally very nice weekend--Lee and I had a nice dinner together Friday night, and Saturday night we went to a very nice party of mostly church folks and some GLBT community, too. The home we visited is really lovely, and best of all, has an incredible view of a greenbelt and sunsets. It was a great idea--a party of all appetizers. I am feeling good that I am getting back into the social circle of church, which I have surely missed for the last few years.

And speaking of church, we made it through a difficult and challenging song there, which pleased the person who wrote the lyrics very much. I am really glad I stuck with it, through the frustration of being the only alto for a couple of rehearsals. Lee's been the only tenor a couple of times, too, and he just couldn't cope with this particular number with no one to help him. I'm a strong singer, but must admit it's no fun to sing choral music if you're the only one (other than when I volunteer to be in a quartet or trio!). I know it's hard on our choir director, too. At least the sermon, on The Art of War, was enjoyable. Sometimes Rev. Chuck's not-so-subtle parables really crack me up.

I had felt pretty bad that I couldn't send the kids on the band trip this year, but they both said they really didn't want to go. Shoot, I did. I would have loved to visit New Orleans! It's been so long since I have been to Louisiana!

But, they had a good break. Beccano entertained himself much of the time, as the photo shows, but he also did lots of fun things with his friends. He even went swimming with his girlfriend! Tuba Boy and pals managed to get into a free show around the South by Southwest festival, and saw Bob Schneider and Raul Malo. He also went kayaking in the nearby lake--it really looked like a good time, from the pictures.

One thing I have to say about Facebook is that so many kids post photos of all their adventures that I get to enjoy what they do, even if I don't go. I appreciate that they let me be their "friend" just so I can see what fun they have. And thankfully, it all seems like the kind of fun I used to have at their age. Adventurous, but not dangerous, illegal or otherwise stuff a mom wouldn't like!

Well, off I go to do some "work" for a job I applied for. It should be fun, though. Thanks, as always, for reading!

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