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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday Wonders #11: Baby Abigail!

This week’s Wednesday Wonder is again a little late, but that’s OK, so was the Wednesday Wonder.

Today I welcome little Abigail G. to the world. My new BBF (best baby friend) was born on St. Patrick’s Day, a week after her “official” due date, to a very happy Katie and Andrew. I am so happy that this has worked out for them so well, and welcome them to the exciting, scary and rewarding job of parenting. And don’t think it’s just an 18-year gig—you get to worry about this child the rest of your life! But the rewards are great!

I really enjoyed being there throughout Katie's pregnancy and listening to her baby joy and her baby worries. It's hard to balance being a good listener, not giving too much unsolicited advice, and sharing helpful information, but I gave it a shot! I hadn't been around a pregnant friend since my days with the nonprofit. I am glad I have another pregnant friend who's up next, too! I'll have two little girls to hold when their mommies' arms are tired!

I am looking forward to meeting Abby and seeing what the little being I’ve been chatting with through the barriers of Katie’s body for so long actually looks like (I hear she has hair!). I am hoping both parents and baby are getting some rest and bonding time together—everyone deserves a “babymoon.” Welcome, welcome to one of the world’s newest citizens. May you live a life of endless learning, wonder, and most of all, peace.

I’ll post a picture when I have one—the only photos I know of are on the dad’s Facebook account, and I am only friends there with the mom!

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Abby's Mommy said...

Sue Ann, thank you for posting such a lovely story about Abigail. We are having a particularly rough day, and it is nice to have a reminder that there is a lot of positive about this huge challenge. Thank you so much for a very much needed boost.