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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ice Cubes Fell from the Sky!

Wow, did we have a storm last night! Quite a bit of hail, though not as much as the time when it hailed at the lacrosse game in the football stadium, which must have happened just before I started the blog. I guess it was more of late afternoon storm, since it was still light. I’d already made it to the yarn shop for Chicks with Sticks and gotten my coffee. We were all looking at the weather on people’s iPhones and knew it was coming, so some folks left. Others stayed, figuring they’d rather be in a building than drive through it. Good idea, too, because people’s windshields were shattering as they tried to drive.

It was even worse in Marble Falls, an hour or so away. Their streets got to be solid ice. We just got little rivers of ice balls.

It was fun watching the storm through picture windows, though not fun watching our cars get pounded. We had a little kid with us, and his reactions to all those ice cubes falling from the sky were very cute. He'd never seen it before, so his eyes were huge with wonder. The usual yarn shop child left before the storm hit, but was very concerned that “the volcano is coming!” (The tornado watch confused her!)

I am really sad at the damage done to all our plants in the yard. Our pansies were just incredibly beautiful yesterday morning. Both Lee and I were commenting on it. Some had 5 or 6 flowers each, and it was just a mass of loveliness. Now there are broken blossoms all over the ground. Our fresh, new tree leaves are bashed, too (they’ll come back). I was happy to see the little new tomato plants are still with us, so not all is lost. And at least we got more rain! The drought has been so bad that any rain we get is a good thing for the lawns, lakes and aquifers.

Of course there’s always a lovely rainbow after a storm, and this was no exception. At one point, it was a big, full arc and a nice partial double rainbow, but since I was driving home at the time, this photo taken at a stoplight was the best I could do!

I’ve had a lot of job action from my earlier interviews, so keep your fingers crossed. It seems some of them want me to get cracking already! I guess that is a good sign.

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Dragonfly said...

Good luck with all the job searching! I strongly believe that rainbows are reminders that everything will be alright. I've often seen them just when I need the reassurance.