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Monday, March 30, 2009

Glad This Weekend's Over!

Poor little Suna had a mighty frustrating weekend, and Lee didn't have much fun either, so we were a bunch of grumpy guys and gals around here.

I spent all the end of last week and the weekend, when not running errands, working on a project to try to get a job. I was re-learning some software, and no, I refused to do something easy--I had to start a project from scratch, which meant graphic design, instructional design, technical writing, assessment creation, recording navigation...good thing I decided not to put in a movie! And the whole time I was doing it I kept thinking, "Gee, I could make this more interactive, or add this detail, or do this interesting Flash thing..." then I remembered there are only 24 hours in a day, and my days are filled with kid stuff, partner stuff, work stuff and obligations. So, I did my best. I got it all finished and went to "publish" it. Wham, no can do. The software could not find the source files. So, I spent hours looking at all the help files on earth...oh, and did I mention that my laptop had all sorts of "issues" during the week, requiring numerous reboots and fixes?

Gosh, just thinking of all this gives me pains. It didn't help that Beccano's and Parker's band performance at the Culture Fair went poorly (not their fault--they couldn't get a sound check), or that Tuba Boy's girlfriend had a migraine and he found out he didn't get into the other two colleges he'd applied for, and Lee was wiped out from a huge project at his work...we all had our issues! Note that Triskelion looked quite fine performing, as you can see above in this action shot of Beccano soloing!

Still, Lee and I got in some plant shopping and a trip to the outlet mall to get some fun things--he got me a new purse that strongly resembles my old one (I liked it fine but it was falling apart).

But, today has been a better day. I went to Home Depot at lunch and used wedding gift certificates to get us more plants and some nice pots to put large plants in. This will please Lee! And when I got to work, I was able to finish that project, so that I could upload it to the potential employer when I got home. Now I just hope it doesn't suck. Plus, I am hopeful that another potential employer will call soon--I did get a message. Sometimes you just have to wait out a storm and things will get better. Should have figured that out last Wednesday, huh?

More good news is that I have been walking Scrunchy almost every day for the past few weeks, and it has made a difference both in him and me. The weight I have put on in the last year or so is starting to reverse, slowly but surely. That's good--I need to fit into my "work clothing" again soon!

The final and best bit of good news from the last few days is that I have gotten to see my BBF and Wednesday Wonder Baby Abigail twice! I got to visit her precious baby self at home last Thursday, and then she came to the yarn shop Saturday. It is not just because I have known her since before she was born that I say she is a very, very, very cute baby. She really is. Look at her. She is most extraordinarily cute and baby-like. She even left an ear print on my arm while I held her, which I insisted on showing to both my kids and Lee. I love it when they do that. Babies are a fine thing for cheering you up, especially when you aren't up all night getting no sleep from them!

I have decided the rest of the week will just get better and better! It will!


Dragonfly said...

aw ((hugs)) Some days are just like that. And yes, Baby Abigail is very cute!

Lee said...

She certainly looks like a Buddhist monk in that pose!

Dragonfly said...

*giggle* Yes she does!