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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Soon-to-Be-Jobless Humor

I had a funny experience today. I got four phone calls about jobs. I’d get all interested (at least for the first two), then it would dawn on me. These calls were for MY job. Luckily this was not a huge surprise, so I can laugh at it. I had a nice chat with the woman who runs the department where I am now, and it was warm and friendly. I got the explanation for a couple of things (like why no one has called me for the “real” advertised job I applied for--the usual hiring freeze), and we talked about options, like me coming back in the fall. I wonder how many more calls I will get about my own job? I am quite qualified for it!

I’ve got another month here, then I need to be doing something else. Ideas are appreciated, though this time, I have some good ideas of my own, and I think some options!


Dragonfly said...

Ok, it sucks about the job but it's a known thing so that does make it pretty funny.

Sam said...

You're taking it better than I probably would. Sorry about having to field calls about your own job. Can't wait to hear what prospects you have lined up for yourself.