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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cute Things

Our Cardinal Nest
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I just want to show you a bunch of cute things this evening. First, here is a view looking up at the daddy of the cardinal pair that has built a nest in the tree right outside our house. He has been bringing in bugs very regularly since the babies hatched on the 4th (Beccano called to report this while Lee was playing in Point Venture). The mother helps, but mostly hangs out on the nest keeping them warm. It has been fun watching this nest, since it is both directly outside the guest room window (so you can see right in!) and directly above the gliding bench on the patio. We can watch from above and below. The nest is hilarious. it has hair from the dogs in it as well as big hunks of soda bottles that the dogs took outside and chewed up. Yes, a modern, plastic bird nest.

Moving on to more cuteness, Lee bought me a fountain today, for the back patio. We had liked its shape before, but thought it looked sorta cheesy with the fake flame on top of it. What silly people we were. That fake flame is just a substitute for the real flame that comes out of the tiki torch style burner that will burn citronella oil and keep some of the evil mosquitoes off us as we enjoy the trickling sound. Now we just have to get some citronella oil! I'm really happy with it. I have missed having a water feature since we got rid of the pond/mosquito breeding facility last year. And it's a cute fountain. Well, maybe it is more distinguished than cute, but I like it.

And last but not least, here is more cuteness. I had to share at least one photo of my little friend Miss T in her dress-up clothing. I took the picture with the phone, so it isn't great, but it captures her spirit. It's been fun watching this precocious little thing as she grows--her mom is one of the yarn shop workers/hanger-outers like me, and a very talented, vivacious person. The daughter has much of her spirit and spunk, with a tinge of "I know how cute I am" to top it off. What the picture shows is one very happy child, who has just received a large bag of dress-up clothing that she very much wanted. Some were rather big, and she was a tad disappointed, but this one dress was her favorite. She begged to have photos taken, so I agreed. This is just one of a number of very carefully chosen poses she engaged in to show what a versatile dress-up item this dress can be. It just did my heart good to see someone so happy. She literally jumped for joy when the yarn shop owner brought in her daughters' old dress up clothing. Little Miss T and her friends will have years of fun with these dresses!

Enough cuteness. Must read about Outlook 2007 some more.

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Dragonfly said...

The fountain is very nice, I like water features although I don't actually have one. (unless trickling the water in the sink for the cats counts).

I love Miss T, she is just the cutest and I can imagine her trying things on and modeling for the camera.