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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi, I am still here! After most of a week with no computer access during the day, I am catching up, and of course had to leap into the latest craze of making interesting things out of your photos on this site. All the cool knitters are doing it. I used this same photo of Beccano to make a billboard, and it looks cool as my screen background at work.

Yes, I am doing fine at the new job. I almost have the vital cubicle decorating finished (the package delivery gal was really impressed). It is nice having a big enough cubicle to put more stuff in. So, the work report is that I didn't have computer access until the end of yesterday--no one really knows why, just the signing on thing didn't work for the woman who's my supervisor's supervisor's supervisor. Or something like that. But, I am settling into editing online courses on fascinating hardware topics, and happy as heck to be earning money around relatively pleasant people. No complaints.

And it is raining today, so no complaints about that, either. Lee has been feeling under the weather due to allergies (we think it is mold, and I seem to have a much milder, yet rather irritating case of it myself), which has meant the family hasn't been doing much. Poor bored Beccano. I think he will be glad when band practice starts. Lee is getting bits of job action, so we remain hopeful about that.

This weekend brings gatherings and parties, so I should have more fascinating stuff to report soon. And I'll have some photos of fun stuff like rapidly growing sunflowers for your enjoyment. I just wanted to let y'all know I am still alive, just moving slowly until I get all adjusted.

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