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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On a Different Note

I didn't really report on the weekend, which was actually action-packed and fun. I did the usual yarn shop work on Saturday, then had a fun get-together with my long-time friend Janet, her two older kids, one of whom I had not seen since he was in middle school, and he's like 21 now, our friend Terry, who used to go with us to see Jeff play at Tavern in the Gruene, or whatever the name of that place was, and all their new love interests. It was fun, though Janet appeared slightly manic (I think it stems from having to see her nutty ex). But in any case, she was having fun, her kids were amusing, and the dates were all really nice people. We were at Artz, so listened to some bluegrass and watched a very old dude do some kind of country dancing, I think, or something. Jeff also joined us, since he needed to borrow Lee's bass to do some recording and he really liked those ladies when they came to listen to him play with Edge City and Danny Santos in the good old days when everyone got along.

At this party, Janet's daughter's boyfriend shared a chilling story. He works (or perhaps "worked" by now) at an Italian restaurant in the Triangle trendy shops in Austin. Janet and her daughter had lunch there, and he was their server, by request. He was very professional, by all reports, though at the end of the meal, Janet kiddingly asked if the margaritas came with free refills like the other drinks, and I guess he gave some joking answer. Well. After the family left, he got chewed out for his behavior. He asked, "How do you know exactly what I said? Did someone report me?" And his supervisor responded that no, they have microphones and webcams on all the tables. The employees and patrons were NOT informed of this (as far as I know--if there is a sign saying "your conversations may be monitored" no one saw it). I find it incredibly creepy, rude, and invasive to not let people know they are being eavesdropped on. I mean, people have private conversations at restaurants! For sure, I will NEVER eat at that restaurant or any other that engages in this practice.

I find it one thing to have tech support calls and the like monitored. They TELL you this, and they tell the employees, too. The restaurant thing is underhanded.

Anyway...on Sunday we went to a nice party in the evening. Coincidentally, it was the 25th anniversary of the fine couple who comprise Edge City. So, two days in a row we saw Jeff (who returned the bass after enjoying it greatly--and this is Lee's OLD Fender Jazz bass). We also saw good ole Danny Santos, too, so it was musical old home week. It's nice to still be included in the group of folks I met with Jeff, since I like a lot of them. I got to catch up on a lot of people, and to listen to some good music. I even met a couple of nice new music lovers or Edge City friends. It is good to have a wee bit of social life.

So, why is the beautiful, moody photo of Beccano in Ireland featured? Because the poor boy suffered over the weekend--Tuba Boy didn't shut the front door well enough again, so of course Rose and Scrunchy scooted out and ran as fast as their doggie legs could carry them. Beccano knows that they will get FAR if not caught quickly, so he ran out...with no shoes on. Even in just 5 minutes, the 100+ degree street and sidewalks burned the bottoms of his feet badly. He has a huge blister on one foot. Lee and I bought him a cheesecake to thank him. Poor kid. Now that I have a job, I think we need to fix the door.

I hope to share a couple more of the kids' Ireland pix. The ex got a few really nice ones.


Dragonfly said...

Ok, that's really creepy about the webcams at the tables!!

Poor Beccano and his feet!

Saranda said...

Microphones and webcams at the table? Wow... very creepy... and just wow...

My feet hurt from reading about walking barefoot on those sizzling sidewalks. Poor Beccano! Ninja Girl started marching band practice yesterday. I sure hope Beccano's feet have time to heal before the torture of summer band begins.